Argentina News| Paulo Dybala back in Argentina team after two years.
In a decision that has been in the works for almost two years, Argentina has decided to bring Juventus
striker Paulo Dybala back to their senior team.
In spite of the Old Lady’s collapse, which resulted in us losing points after taking a two-goal lead, the
27-year-old put on a show over the weekend.
The former Palermo player scored a goal and provided an outstanding assist in his first match back after
finishing the previous season well after returning to health, despite the fact that his career was plagued
by many problems, including with Coronavirus.
Dybala will now be in a position to make his first appearance for his nation since November 2019, when
he played against Uruguay in a 2-2 friendly tie, with the DailyMail speculating that Sergio Aguero’s
absence may be the cause for his selection.
I can’t help but prefer that with just one match before the international break Dybala didn’t travel
internationally, for, after he struggles with last term injuries, I feel like we will need to worry that he will
come back to us without a problem, especially because he could contract Covid again with international
training camps, I don’t know.

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