FREE natural HOT SPRINGS in COSTA RICA, La Fortuna Arenal (Costa Rica Travel Vlog)

We went to the free local and volcanic Hot Springs of La Fortuna in the Arenal Area of Costa Rica. Instead of paying almost 200 Dollars at the Tabacon Thermal Resort for this experience (as many others), we found a spot, where you can go for absolutely free! On top of that we are showing you the BEST viewpoint in La Fortuna.

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Travel Vlog 40 | La Fortuna, Costa Rica | Filmed March 2022

Location of the Springs:
Location of Viewpoint:

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We are Maddy and Sascha and after working in the corporate world for quite some time, in 2021 we’ve decided to quit our 9to5 jobs and change our lives from the inside out.
We got rid of must of our stuff, moved out of our apartment and started to #travel the world full-time, while documenting it for all of you in this little #travelvlog.
Like many of us, we’ve been dreaming of this adventure for years. Now it’s time for us to make it a reality and become a full-time #travelcouple!

Come and join us on this wild ride!
Maddy and Sascha

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Off we go
1:12 – Welcome to LA FORTUNA
2:12 – Maddy’s Starvation Story
2:59 – Super Market Madness
3:50 – German Parking one on one
4:13 – Off to the HOT SPRINGS
5:12 – Big time enjoyment of the HOT SPRINGS
6:58 – Best Viewpoint in La Fortuna
8:15 – Hot Springs at Night
8:37 – Driving Back Home
9:06 – Outtakes

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Originally published at