Along the Caribbean shores and pristine waters lies Cozumel Island. Casual, warm and magical, capture the essence and soul of this beautiful island. You will breathe the ocean, with white sands at your doorsteps.
Cozumel is located twelve miles off the southern coast of the Yucatan, just across from Playa del Carmen and nearby Akumal. Cozumel is a destination for people seeking a relaxing, laid back vacation that includes the island’s world renowned diving or snorkeling its fabled coral reefs.

untitled5195428 The Beaches Cozumel is surrounded by temperate, crystal clear waters which range from stunning turquoise to deep indigo. Take a short trip on the Ferry to the mainland for a day of shopping, dining, and sightseeing. Snorkelers and divers will not want to miss the famous cenotes of the spectacular Dos Ojos Cave System. Cozumel’s west coast is where you’ll find the majority of the island’s development.  

iglesia3990247 The town of San Miguel, the airport, and the hotels are all located on the western side of the island. Fortunately, massive resort development is paralyzed by a lack of potable water and a desire to protect the island’s delicate ecosystem. This helps keep island life simple, and is hands-down the favorite for people seeking a serene Caribbean island vacation.

diving3885471Cozumel scuba diving is for every level of experience and with Scuba Staff Divers you select the excursions you are most comfortable with. Choose between wall dives at such sites as the Palancar Reef or shallow dives at the famous Paradise Reef.