Any country you visit will have crime. Costa Rica is no different, and although it’s usually presented to tourists as being a very safe place, a lot of violent crime still goes on. My intention with this video is not to scare anyone off from wanting to visit or live here. It’s to make people aware it’s not all Pura Vida ‘rainbows and sunshine.’ You need to use common sense when getting around, and use more caution than you might at home (same as you would visiting any country).

Having said all that, there’s far more positives to Costa Rica than negatives. If you’re serious about moving here, and want to hear directly from expats who’ve lived here for years, attorneys, and other relocation experts, I’m putting a 7 day live event to give you all the information you need. It will take place at a beachfront resort in Costa Rica. In the mornings, you’ll be learning in a conference room. In the afternoons, I’ll show you some of the best sights and activities Costa Rica has to offer. Find out more about dates, location, activities and speakers at:
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