NICOSIA, CYPRUS, October 13, 2022 / — Dr Evangelos Viazis based in Athens Greece is a world renown dentist, famous globally for his excellent clinical skills and knowledge in applying FASTBRACES® Technology. Some of his colleagues called him legend, but the real fact is that he is the most experienced dentist in the world since he provides FASTBRACES® Technology from 2000. He has three offices in Athens exclusively for FASTBRACES® Technology and has published an atlas for FASTBRACES® applications where you can see some of the most extreme cases that Dr Viazis has treated. Some of his cases are presented in FASTBRACES® seminars all over the world.

What is so unique about FASTBRACES® Technology that aims to become the first choice for orthodontic treatment among patients globally?

At first we have the time issue. FASTBRACES® Technology, properly applied, can treat cases in a matter of days; we all realized of course how much time matters in our days and how important is for patients, concerning stress, to spend the least amount of time on the dental chair.

Then we have the fact, as Dr Viazis points, that there are no extractions needed for the orthodontic treatment with FASTBRACES® Technology. We all know that extractions adversely affect the lower third of the face as it progressively collapses through the years.

As Dr Viazis says FASTBRACES® Technology is so simple that any dentist can apply with safe and this is the reason why it has been embraced from thousands of dentists all over the world.

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