Our trip to London in May and June 2022. Sights around the city along with highlights from the 2022 Finalissima Italy vs. Argentina
0:00 Intro and Trafalgar Square
0:32 Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye
0:56 Piccadilly Circus
1:17 Buckingham Palace
1:35 St. James Park
1:48 The Mall
2:06 Admirality Arch
2:22 A Ride on the London Eye
2:54 Walking to Wembley Finalissima 2022
3:18 Goal Argentina Finalissima 2022
3:48 Messi walks up to us after missing shot
4:22 Argentina Goal
5:02 Walking through Borough Market
6:19 Russell Square Station
6:50 Trafalgar Square at Night
7:13 Along the RIver Thames at Night
7:30 360 Photos of our trip

Video originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1n_t2qPTwA

This news story originally appeared at Argentina - City News Miami on 6 October 2022