2022 Costinesti Beach 4K splendor in the sun Romania Constanta Beach. Stabilization Zhiyun smooth 4, Samsung S9 shooting. Mamaia – the largest and most famous resort in Romania, located in the northern part of Constanta, also called the Pearl of the Romanian Coast, is a strip of beach with fine sand, which stretches over a length of about 8 km. in the western part of it is Lake Siutghiol. The beach is dotted with numerous hotels, outdoor swimming pools, discos, amusement parks, sports fields, as well as a summer theater. Mamaia Resort offers tourists the opportunity to practice water sports, as well as fishing in Lake Mamaia.
Marine climate with an average annual temperature exceeding 11 ° C (in July the average temperature is higher than 22 ° C, and in January it is 0 ° C), and with low rainfall (around 400 mm per year) .
In summer, the fog is low and the sun shines 10-12 hours a day. The sea breeze constantly refreshes the hot air. Natural healing factors are exciting marine climate, saline aerosols, solar radiation and sea water, which is chlorinated, sulfated, sodium, magnesium, hypotonic.
With a capacity of over 20,000 accommodation places, located in the area that separates Lake Siutghiol from the Black Sea, Mamaia resort was inaugurated in 1906, on the occasion of completing the construction works of the first spa. Currently, the resort has over 60 hotels.
What characterizes Mamaia is the beach stretched over a distance of 8 km, with a width of almost 100 m, as well as the fact that the hotels are very close to the beach. Destined for family vacations, in Mamaia resort tourists have tennis and mini golf courses, cinema and open-air theater that annually hosts the National Festival of Light Music “Mamaia”.
Siutghiol Lake offers the possibility to practice water sports or boat rides to “Ovid’s Island”, the place where it is said that the tomb of the exiled poet is located. The island offers accommodation possibilities and has a fish restaurant, being the ideal place to spend free time. Access to the island is made from the Tic-Tac Pier in Mamaia with cruise ships every 30 minutes, during the summer season.In Mamaia resort you can enjoy in the water park “Aqua Magic”, located at the entrance to the resort, a walk with a gondola, with which you can admire from the sea and the resort from the entrance to the Casino, bike rides, lifts with parachute, diving, windsurfing and Yachting School, towing with inflatable bananas, water scooters, recreation with sailing boats type Catamaran and Caravelle, in the 8 leisure bases. Other entertainment possibilities are trampoline, bicycles for one, two, three or even four people, scooters, beach volleyball and beach handball and terraces and discos on the beach.
Inaugurated in 2004, the gondola is a modern cable car that connects the Casino and the Perla Hotel, on a 2.1 km route. The movement is made at a height of 50 m, with a speed of 5 meters per second, the entire route being covered in seven minutes.52

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