Regina Replinger in charge of community outreach.

Chris Cavallo -Founder

Chris Cavallo Founder

The Robin Foundation is Building a Volunteer Network Because of Community and Organization Requests for Training on Opioid Awareness and Narcan Training

The Robin Foundation is happy to announce the addition of two volunteers Mai Lee Perez the Director of Social Media and Regina Replinger in charge of Community Outreach”

— Chris Cavallo

FT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2022 / — The Robin Foundation a Fort Lauderdale based not for profit Organization with the primary purpose to help women with substance abuse and/or mental health challenges. The Robin Foundation has been actively passing out Free Narcan throughout their community along with walking the streets of Fort Lauderdale Beach and meeting with every restaurant and bar owner. Just in the past two weeks through the foundations efforts three lives have been saved through one of their resource channels. The Foundations leaders Chris Cavallo and daughter Cristina Cavallo Frisby was recently quoted as saying “the opioid pandemic further complicated with fentanyl and other analogue derivatives has further increased the likelihood of more overdoses yet to come in our communities”. It is incumbent on our organization to pass out as much Narcan as we can and also to train as many organizations as possible in how to administer Narcan in case of an emergency. We are especially concerned about the hospitality industry where restaurants ,Bars and Night clubs are known hotspots for Drug usage and potential overdoses either before ,during or after visiting these business. It is incumbent on the Robin Foundation to train as many of these organizations as possible as well as other public places whether it be malls, schools, and libraries as well.

The Robin Foundation needs Volunteers who are willing to become instructed and how to become trainers to meet the growing request of the foundations training program modeled after the state program offered by the Department of Children and Family Services.(DCF) The Training program is entitled “Opioid Awareness and How to Administer Narcan in Case of an Emergency”.

The Robin Foundation is also happy to announce the addition of two volunteers Mai Lee Perez the Director of social media and Regina Replinger in charge of community outreach. According to the Founder “MaiLee and Regina work tirelessly in supporting the daily needs and requests for the foundation but clearly we are in a growing stage and we need more volunteers to assist. Anyone who is looking for community service hours or would like to volunteer on a long-term basis we request that you contact the foundation through the website link “

If you are a local business or organization and you would like your staff or employees trained in the proper use of Narcan or would like to keep Narcan on your premise please get in touch with us. Also, if you are a family or friend who has someone in their lives that may be at risk to overdose please contact us immediately so we can give you Narcan and show you how to administer it properly. There is no greater calling in life then to save a life as these are very dangerous times ,even are youngsters are at great risk. Do not be the person that says “that losing a loved one could never happen to your family” as we said after we lost Robin . This could never happen again and then we lost our daughter Stefanie. Please we implore you if you’re reading this message take the position of being safe and keeping your loved ones safe and contact us today if your need our help or would like to have FREE NARCAN and hopefully save a life !

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