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Living in La Fortuna Costa Rica for 16 years now, you meet a lot of people. We met Johnny a few years back when he reached out to us. I was skeptical at the time but he is our go-to when it comes to anything medical/dental tourism. We’ve interviewed many clients he has helped… he is the real deal. But this is not a medical/dental tourism video. This is about a retirement community (assisted living), although families will have a space as well.. This is BIG, this is HUGE, Johnny has had this vision since 2007. Now the stars have aligned and it looks like this project is a GO- 240 homes on like 110 hectare (1 hectare is 2.47 acres). This is going to be an almost all inclusive community. Organic farming, grass fed cows, chickens, vegetables, stores and also hotsprings in the community so the grand kids have something to do and much more. This is the first video of many so you can keep updated on the process and time frame. This community is about a 9 minute drive to La Fortuna central and about 20 minutes from Lake Arenal and it’s in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano (good shot of this in the video). This is obviously a big project but it is going and we’re pretty excited. Obviously much more info coming as it changes as I’m sure there will be many questions…. which we will try to answer as this community progresses. I am not trying to sell you anything I just believe this is an interesting and needed project and it is geared to gringos without the ‘gringo pricing’… but remember, Costa Rica isn’t for everyone but this project might appeal to some of you.

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