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Since publication it’s been brought to my attention that the photos featured in the story about the double loaded muzzleloader are not associated with the story. While these photos were sent in in association with the story, they are UNRELATED. We are removing this section from the video to correct the mistake.

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0:17 Kibler Woodsrunner Kits are Shipping
1:48 3 Injured in Wisconsin after muzzleloader explodes
3:18 Hornady announces ELD-X Muzzleloader Bullet
4:36 New Mexico Bans scopes during Muzzleloader season
6:00 Pennsylvania allows Traditions Nitro Fire/Fire Stick in Muzzleloader Season
8:29 Shirt Tail Mess Returns to Youtube
9:36 2023 Early Spring Events
11:40 Garand Thumb Features Flintlocks in new Video
13:40 Watch out for Scams
15:50 No GOEX Updates at this time
17:40 Swiss and Schuetzen are available
19:00 Muzzleloading Gift Ideas
25:35 Conclusion & Thanks

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Mexico - Floridas News originally published at Mexico - Floridas News