In this weeks’ episode of the first Yucatan News Weekly Update of 2022, I discuss the arrival of Omicron to the state of Yucatan. In addition, I provide an overall Merida Mexico virus update, property taxes, and the increase in Permanent and Temporary residences living in Merida from 2021. We also cover the cost of electricity, which significantly impacts the Merida cost of living. All of this and updates to previous stories.

This is an information-packed episode. If you have plans to move to Merida and to become one of the Merida Mexico Expats, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Also, for my Mexican followers, this is a way to get the perspective on the Yucatan news from a Black expat living in Merida. So please grab a coffee, and let’s enjoy this weekly update together.

Incidentally, I shot this video all on the iPhone 13 Pro Max with the Saramonic Blink 500 Pro wireless mics.

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This news story originally appeared at Mexico - Floridas News on 5 September 2022