• Chihuahua has the support of the Foreign Ministry in the state’s development: Ebrard
  • Secretary Ebrard meets with Chihuahua business executives to discuss the country’s prospects, the promotion of states and municipalities, and Chihuahua’s  geopolitical and social advantages 

Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard, together with Chihuahua Governor Maru Campos and Chihuahua Mayor Marco Bonilla, today inaugurated the Interconnecting Smart Cities Forum, to promote and strengthen international cooperation on smart and sustainable cities. 

The forum, organized in collaboration with UN-Habitat, fosters cooperation among international organizations, experts and public officials to find innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing cities around the world. 

The meeting “is about technology, and it means learning from others, automatically: If one city makes significant progress in an area, other cities can share and discuss it,” said Secretary Ebrard. 

In economic matters, the Foreign Secretary said, “We are the best positioned country in the world today, given the…geopolitical competition that is taking place, to receive the greatest number of investments, and not only that, but also to increase the value of our economy.”

He added that “There is going to be this big mobilization of investments, and Mexico has a historic opportunity…to take part in it […] On average, each year, we would have a bigger middle class and less extreme poverty. […] We could lift 13 million people out of extreme poverty. It would be a great accomplishment for Mexico; we have never achieved it in our history.”

In the specific case of Chihuahua, he said, “You are going to grow at double what you are growing right now.” 

He announced that Singapore is interested in establishing a global logistics base in Chihuahua. “It is interesting that they have you in their sights… Not only because of your location, but also because of another series of factors, human, social, and other factors that work in your favor. This is why I am telling you that yours is a state destined to succeed.”  

He reiterated that they had the support of the Foreign Ministry “for everything that has to do with strengthening, encouraging, and expanding this development…The federal government is making a considerable investment in border infrastructure, which had not been done in a long time. Now, it’s going to be done; we are convincing the United States.” 

While in Chihuahua, the Foreign Secretary also held a discussion with business executives about Mexico’s foreign policy, the international promotion of states and municipalities, and Chihuahua’s geopolitical and social advantages for increasing its economic growth. 

Lastly, he attended the presentation of his book “El camino de México” at the Semilla Museum of Science and Technology.









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