Argentina Travel Update 2021 – Complete Reopening Without Quarantine
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Argentina is finally reopening its borders to international tourists starting November 1. Are you excited?

What can you expect when visiting the beautiful country in Latin America this winter?

Buenos Aires is getting ready for the grand reopening. Starting this month, citizens of Uruguay and Chile are allowed to enter Argentina. And on November 1, visitors from all nationalities are welcome.

While Argentina requires you to be fully vaccinated in order to avoid quarantine, unvaccinated visitors are welcome but strict entry protocols must be followed.

While many foreign nationals have already made travel plans for this winter, the Nomad Elite is certainly considering the Latin country as an option.

What’s the best part of visiting Argentina?

Cheap apartment rentals are available. You can rent an amazing place for little money in any of Argentina’s top travel destinations.

Those who considered living in Argentina before, should now consider taking action!

Are you currently living in Argentina? If so, what’s it like? Are you looking to visit the country? Leave a comment below and let us know. Thank you for watching.

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