Argentina is a diverse wonderland — offering everything from vibrant jungles, wild-life packed wetlands, and dramatic glaciers — to mammoth mountains and dune-dotted beaches.
The Argentine Capital — Buenos Aires — is one of the world’s most exhilarating cities — filled with astounding art, delicious food, and people with a passion for having fun.
Here you can get your tango fix or marvel at a tango show — or feast on steaks and wine.
The Iguazu Falls — undoubtedly is one of Argentina’s star natural attractions.
The falls are located in the far north of the country, right on the border with Brazil — in a large expanse of national park and rain forest.
And from one impressive landscape to another — Argentina is also home to the Glaciar Perito Moreno.
The stunning glacier measures 30 kilometers long and 60 meters high — and is believed to be constantly advancing up to two meters a day — a spectacular, translucent bulk at close range.
And what would a visit to Argentina be without seeing the Andes?
This amazing mountain range offers high deserts, scenic lakes, great hiking and the continent’s highest peak — often called the “roof of the Americas.”

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