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Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard applauded the investment of millions of dollars by Tesla and BMW in Mexico, saying that the country is “moving very quickly” to accelerate the domestic production of electric vehicles. 

Before an audience made up of diplomats and business leaders from international companies, the Foreign Secretary said that the transition to electric vehicles is happening around the world faster than expected a few years ago.

“For us, it is a top priority to accelerate electromobility and the country’s energy transition, because everything is changing faster than planned,” said the Foreign Secretary in India, where he is participating in the Raisina Dialogue. “So, we are going to have less time than we had planned or expected to produce enough clean energy and to move the automotive industry towards electromobility,” he explained.

The BMW company recently announced an investment of millions of dollars in San Luis Potosí, and this week Tesla announced the construction of a gigafactory for electric vehicles in Nuevo León. Both investments were arranged by the Foreign Ministry. They will create thousands of jobs in these two states.


Today, “we have many possibilities because we are experiencing a sea change in the world’s supply chains and economic organization,” said the Foreign Secretary.

Secretary Ebrard also confirmed that Mexico would open a consulate in Mumbai, India’s financial capital, to increase Mexico’s opportunities in different sectors, specifically the Indian pharmaceutical industry, which will mean better prices and higher quality medicines in Mexico.  India has experienced exponential growth in this sector.

The Foreign Secretary said that Mexico and India share the same vision, policies and goal of “improving conditions for the majority of the population.”


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Mexico - Floridas News originally published at Mexico - Floridas News