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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 11, 2023 / — On January 8, the 2023 UAE Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala, took place at the Dubai Opera. This marked a milestone moment in history, as it was the first global celebration of its kind to take place at a national-level venue. 2,500 people were enthralled by 26 splendid performances that highlighted the immense history and culture of China. Among those present were Zhang Yiming, Chinese Ambassador to the UAE; Li Xuhang, Chinese Consul General in Dubai; as well as representatives from sponsors Deshijia Real Estate and MetaTdex Exchange.

Greetings of the New Year were sent by sponsor representatives before the official start of the Spring Festival Gala. Through a large-screen video, MetaTdex wished the Chinese people in diaspora “a prosperous Year of the Rabbit and a lot of money”, and conveyed “nine asset security incidents on the world’s top ten decentralized exchanges, which will be listed in Hong Kong in 2023, token-stock linkage intercommunication,” and other enterprise information.

Chinese Ambassador to the UAE Zhang Yiming expressed in his speech that Chinese in diaspora, Chinese-funded enterprises, and their employees in the UAE demonstrate commitment towards the progress of their nation through their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and engagement with the local community. This has earned them a favorable reputation internationally. He hopes that all will strive to deepen China-Arab ties and drive the growth of their motherland during the new year; and stresses that China’s embassy and consulate in the UAE will be supporting them all the way.

The 2023 UAE Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala was arranged by the people of China living in the UAE, with more than 700 participants coming together to provide an amazing cultural showcase.

In addition to traditional dances like “Love in the Yellow River”, “Ten Thousand Deadly”, and “24 Solar Terms”, attendees would also witness the preserved artistry of “Eternal Pride”, “Fragrant Drama”, “Tang Palace Night Banquet”, and “Drunken Sword”. Songs exploring our connection with family and country were performed, such as “Red Detachment of Women”, “Mother”, “I Love You China” and “Singing the Motherland”.

Lastly, inspiring pieces about life aspirations, including “Young China Talk”, “Dubai Dream”, and “The Direction of the Heart” added to the evening’s entertainment.

On the spot, MetaTdex discovered that the 2023 Dubai Spring Festival Gala will be the largest offline gathering of overseas Chinese friends in the UAE since the outbreak. A major economic and financial center in the Middle East, Dubai is also known as the Middle East’s “trade capital”.

In the United Arab Emirates, there is more than 300,000 Chinese in the diaspora. It has been held nine times in a row that the Spring Festival Gala for Overseas Chinese is not only a symbol of Chinese pride and recognition but also a chance for people all over the world to understand Chinese culture. MetaTdex participants felt a stronger sense of Chinese New Year even in Dubai.

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Argentina - City News Miami originally published at Argentina - City News Miami