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Chris Pflueger, Managing Director of iad Florida

Our commitment to open borders isn’t just about expanding our reach—it’s about forging meaningful agent connections and driving collective real estate success.”

— Chris Pflueger, Managing Director of iad Florida.

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2024 / — In a groundbreaking event that transcends geographical boundaries, top real estate professionals from around the world converged at the iad Mexico CAP Management and Leadership. Among the distinguished attendees was Chris Pflueger, Managing Director of iad Florida, who brought the spirit of collaboration and real estate expansion to the forefront for Florida.

Addressing an audience of elite real estate team leaders and top producers, Pflueger shared insights into the ambitious growth plans for iad Florida. Noting how Florida stands as a premier destination for foreign buyers, with international real estate transactions accounting for $53.3 billion in the U.S., with 23% of that figure allocated to Florida*. Pflueger highlighted the imperative and immense opportunities for expanding an international real estate business within Florida.

The event, attended by 200 leading real estate agents, served as a platform for visionary leaders like iad Group’s Co-Founder, Malik Benrejdal, and Didier Siounath, the Global Head of Network, alongside Karim Goudiaby, CEO of iad Mexico, who is leading the real estate agents of Mexico into international expansion, with a particular focus on Florida. Together, they unveiled a blueprint for creating the most dominant global real estate company in the world. Their initiative marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration and openness across borders.

Reflecting on the event, Pflueger expressed enthusiasm about the potential of iad real estate to breaking down traditional barriers and create opportunities on a global scale. “Our commitment to open borders isn’t just about expanding our reach—it’s about forging meaningful agent connections and driving collective real estate success,” he remarked.

As the real estate landscape continues to evolve and attract more international buyers, initiatives such as these underscore the pivotal role of collaboration and inclusivity in propelling industry growth. Notably, an increasing number of hispanic real estate agents are expanding their businesses into Florida, further enriching the state’s diverse real estate market. iad Mexico’s CAP Management and Leadership stands as a testament to the power of shared vision and global cooperation in shaping the future of real estate in Florida.

About iad

iad is one of the largest and fastest growing cloud-based players in international real estate, with more than 20,000 agents throughout Europe, Mexico, and the United States, with its launch in Florida. Established in 2008, the iad model is based upon both technology and training – face to face and virtually. iad has revolutionized the world of real estate wherever it has been established by embodying a universal model that meets the same aspirations everywhere in the world.

The four pillars of iad:

Entrepreneurship – iad offers thousands of people the opportunity to change their lives and succeed while being supported and trained throughout their entrepreneurial adventure.

Community – iad is a community of interdependent entrepreneurs based on a collaborative model powered by mentoring. At iad, the success of one creates the success of everyone.

Real Estate – iad provides daily support to all those who have an essential project: housing. Its mission is clear: agents make real estate goals a reality.

Global – iad imagines the real estate industry of tomorrow to be borderless. The company is already helping its agents and clients in this spirit… and already in eight countries.

Source: Annual Foreign Investment in U.S. Existing-Home Sales Declined 9.6% to $53.3 Billion

August 1, 2023

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