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Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard today inaugurated the 2023 Benito Juárez Selection Process, a presidential initiative for career diplomats to select those who will be proposed to the President to head Mexico’s new embassies in Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Senegal.

This is an open process, said the Foreign Secretary.  “For the first time in the history of the Foreign Ministry, members of the Mexican Foreign Service are invited to take part in the selection process based on their merits and experience.”

The selection process is a recognition of Mexico’s career diplomats. It strengthens the merit system, following the initiative of President López Obrador.

The five new embassies respond to Mexico’s need to promote and deepen its political, economic and cooperation ties with countries and regions of interest to it, and to protect Mexicans with a greater diplomatic and consular presence.

The Foreign Secretary signed the Agreement that will begin the process in the presence of Foreign Service members currently posted in Mexico. He announced that the first selection process will be for the new embassy in Kazakhstan. It will begin on Tuesday, April 25.

The Mexican Foreign Service is the country’s oldest career civil service. Its members are charged with representing the country abroad and executing Mexico’s foreign policy, in accordance with the Mexican Constitution.


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Mexico - Floridas News originally published at Mexico - Floridas News