In this video I walk you through all of the steps necessary to fly your own general aviation aircraft to the beautiful Bahamian islands for that epic tropical adventure you have always dreamed about. This guide for private pilots is current as of August 2022 including up to date COVID travel information.

0:00 Intro
0:18 Passwords
0:46 Passport
0:52 12″ Tail Number
1:26 English Language
1:46 Customs Decal
2:24 Life Jackets
2:49 FCC Licenses
3:07 Experimental Waiver
3:29 Covid
3:39 eAPIS Manifests
4:48 Airport of Entry
5:09 DVFR Flight Plan
5:49 Flight Follow?
6:25 Transire
6:42 Landing Fees
6:45 Bring Cash
7:05 Returning to US

Useful Resources:
AOPA Bahamas Pilots Guide

Bahamas gov’t Private Pilots Guide and FAQ

Password management:

Airmen Online Services for updating your license:

DTOPS for ordering a customs decal:

FCC Radio License purchases:

Experimental Aircraft Waiver for the Bahamas:

Bahamas travel website for the most up to date info about COVID requirements:

eAPIS for filing your inbound and outbound passenger manifests

wx brief website for filing your DVFR flight plans and receiving your ADIZ squawk code: