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Dental implants in the Lehigh Valley are available for patients with missing teeth.

Our dental implants have completely changed the lives of our patients”

— Dr. Damien Ren

BETHLEHEM, PA, USA, April 11, 2024 / — DICE Dental in Bethlehem offers top-tier dental implant services, providing patients with a durable, natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are a cornerstone of modern dental care, offering a long-term option for those looking to restore their smile’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

“Our dental implants have completely changed the lives of our patients” says Dr. Damien Ren, dentist in Bethlehem. “Being able to speak without pain or enjoy a favorite meal again, it means a lot to our patients.”

At the heart of DICE Dental’s implant services is the placement of a medical-grade titanium screw, designed to replace the root of a missing tooth. This procedure lays the foundation for a strong and secure connection to replacement teeth, ensuring patients can enjoy the benefits of a fully restored smile.

The restorative phase of the implant process includes the attachment of an abutment, which serves as a connector between the implant and the final restoration, such as a crown or denture. The implant crown, either screwed or cemented onto the abutment, is the final step in the restoration process, typically occurring 4-6 months after implant placement. This crown is meticulously designed to match the natural appearance of the patient’s teeth, offering a seamless and attractive finish.

Dental implants at DICE Dental are only $1,250, reflecting the practice’s commitment to reducing barriers to high-quality dental care. This initiative is part of DICE Dental’s broader mission to provide a range of dental services, including dentures, crowns, and extractions, in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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About DICE Dental: DICE Dental is a cosmetic dentist in Bethlehem Township, PA. The practice’s goal is to reduce the barriers patients face when it comes to high-quality dental care. Using state-of-the-art technology, DICE offers dental implants, crowns, and extractions to patients in a relaxed, comfortable, and accepting environment. To learn more, visit

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Mexico - Floridas News originally published at Mexico - Floridas News