Buenos Aires combines European architecture with a Latin passion for soccer, juicy cuts of meat, and of course, the tango!

Buenos Aires was established as a trading port in the 16th century and soon became one of the richest countries in the world. Since then the city’s fortunes have faded, but its splendor remains.

The melancholy of the city’s fading riches resonates in the sweeping lament of the tango. Enjoy lunch in the harbor of La Boca, where this famous dance originates.

Explore “El Caminito”, the city’s most famous walkway, then tour La Bombonera, once the home ground of soccer legend Diego Maradona.

Browse the colonial buildings of San Telmo and enjoy the sea breezes at the redeveloped Puerto Madero.

Don’t miss Casa Rosada (The Pink House), the presidential palace and former residence of Eva Perón.

Arts lovers will enjoy the MALBA in Palermo and the Teatro Colón. Afterwards, catch a tango show in nearby Café Tortoni.

Visit Plaza San Martín, home of the Falklands War Memorial before touring the National Congress building at Plaza del Congreso.

End your day with an evening stroll in Puerto Madero, or dance until dawn in this truly rhythmic city.

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