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For any copyright, please send me a message.  A British tourist has died after being shot in an ambush outside the front entrance of a luxury hotel in Buenos Aires, according to reports.  It is said the man was shot in the armpit during a struggle with gun-wielding robbers who were on a motorbike.  A second British man is in hospital after a bullet entered his thigh and just missed his femoral artery.  Reports said the pair, thought to be from England, were attacked outside the Faena Art Hotel in the capital’s upmarket Puerto Madero neighbourhood at about 11am local time on Saturday.  Sources told Infobae that the men were ambushed they got out of a taxi to enter the hotel close to the waterfront.  Do you know the people involved or did you witness the incident? Email [email protected]  The Brits were shot as they tried to resist the theft of their belongings, the sources added.  Aerial footage appears to show paramedics performing CPR on a man sprawled on the floor.  Initial reports said one of the men was in a serious condition after a bullet entered his body through his right armpit and went into his chest.  The bullet is believed to have punctured the man’s lung, Haceinstantes reported.  He was pronounced dead after arriving at a local hospital.  Speaking before the British man was confirmed dead, Alberto Crescenti, of the SAME paramedic service, told Cronica: “Upon arrival, they met a 35-year-old man with an impact that had entered through his right armpit and had reached his chest.”  Mr Crescenti added: “The impact that the 35-year-old man received caused considerable damage and blood entered his lung.  “He is very serious and health professionals are trying to save his life. We are very worried about him. The second, 28, is out of danger, thank God.”  The other tourist was in a stable condition after being shot in the thigh, close to his groin, Clarin reported.  The bullet just missed his femoral artery, it is said.  Witnesses heard at least give gunshots, La Nacion reported.  A witness told Canal America 24 that there was a commotion outside the hotel and he saw a person covered in blood on the ground as they were given medical treatment.  The witness was told at the scene that the victims were shot during an attempted robbery.  The witness, named only as Florencia, added: “When I reached the corner of the hotel I saw that there was a person lying at the front door and they were being attended to.  “A motorcycle passed, wanted to steal and shot them.  “After 15 minutes, paramedics came to assist them. It was very serious what happened. The delinquents escaped. It is supposed to be a safe area and is monitored by the Prefecture.”  It is believed the robbers were being supported by accomplices in a

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This news story originally appeared at Argentina - Miami City Events and News on 28 April 2022