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In this video, I discuss how bear markets strengthen the Bitcoin ecosystem, create new Bitcoiners, and allow existing Bitcoiners to grow their wealth even more.

With every Bitcoin bull and bear market cycle, the “country of Bitcoin” grows in population and power. Other new faddish cryptos come and go, but Bitcoin remains– as the hardest, most decentralized, most neutral form of money in the world.

Those who get dumped on by insiders and VC’s in other coins eventually realize what makes Bitcoin so special and unique.

At a certain point, the last Bitcoin and crypto tourists have been wheeled out, their Bitcoin has been moved over to Bitcoiners with strong hands and deposited into cold storage, and the new Bitcoin bull market is ready to begin again.

The longer you are in Bitcoin, the more you begin to realize that Bitcoin is less about the pumps, and more about accumulating money for the ages. True hodlers have low time preferences and are focused on the big picture. They have taken the time to educate themselves about Bitcoin– and as a result, they have the conviction to hodl for the rest of their lives.

After every bear market, Bitcoin emerges stronger than ever– and ready to do battle with fiat and crypto alike.

The earlier you join the winning team, the better your life will be.

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Video originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsnLSd3gIWM

This news story originally appeared at Argentina - City News Miami on 30 August 2022