Hi, welcome to our world travel vacation guide channel. In our travel channel we will have our first video talking about Argentina, famous with its capital Buenos Aires. In our video you can find clues for accomodation, hotels, food, beaches, important places. Places like Quilmes Ruins, capital Buenos Aires, PERITO MORENO FROST, IGUAZU NATIONAL PARK, RECOLETA CEMETERY where Eva Peron and her family are buried, Los Glaciares National Park, Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, Hilton Buenos Aires, bariloche argentina, patagonia and argentina currency which have great importance during your argentina travel, have been mentioned and displayed for you. This video can be an alternative for you during your argentina vacation or during national holidays which are good days for World vacation plans. This new video must be your Argentina Vacation Travel Guide. We hope you enjoy it and hope to see you soon.

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